Spin Smoothly All Season: LTDE's Propeller Service Program ⚓️

Don't let a fouled propeller ruin your Lake Tahoe fun! Our comprehensive Propeller Service Program keeps your prop spinning smoothly and efficiently all season long, addressing everything from pre-season tune-ups to unexpected encounters with underwater surprises.

Program Highlights:

Pre-Season Tune-Up: We inspect, clean, balance, and untangle any debris caught in your prop for optimal performance.

Post-Grounding Rescue: Hit a rock? We'll assess the damage, offer removal and replacement options, and get you back on the water swiftly.

Expert Sizing: Ensure your prop matches your vessel and Lake Tahoe's unique elevation for maximum efficiency and fuel savings.

    • Repair & Replacement: Our network of trusted partners provides quality repairs or new propellers to fit your needs.
    • Convenient Pick-Up & Installation: We handle the legwork, collecting your prop and reinstalling it after service.


Program Options:

    • Annual Tune-Up: Maintain peak performance and prevent problems before they start.
    • On-Demand Service: Get expert assistance after an unfortunate grounding or fouling incident.
    • Custom Package: Combine services for comprehensive propeller care.



    • Peace of mind: Knowing your prop is in top shape for worry-free boating.
    • Fuel efficiency: Optimized prop means using less fuel and saving money.
    • Extended lifespan: Regular care prevents costly repairs and replacements.
    • Reduced downtime: Quick response and efficient service get you back on the water fast.
    • Convenience: We handle everything, so you can relax and enjoy the lake.


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