ROV Services


Dive Deeper with Technology: Unleashing the Power of ROVs for Unparalleled Service

At LTD&E, we believe in pushing the boundaries of underwater exploration and inspection. That's why we're proud to offer advanced ROV (remotely operated vehicle) services, complementing our existing expertise and providing you with the most comprehensive solutions for your underwater needs.

Enhanced Vessel and Infrastructure Services:

  • ROV-assisted hull inspections: Get a detailed, high-resolution view of your vessel's hull, identifying even the smallest cracks or corrosion issues missed by traditional divers.
  • Propeller and shaft inspection and repair: Navigate tight spaces and perform delicate repairs on propellers and shafts with ROV precision, minimizing downtime and costs.
  • Seawall and dock assessments: Gain a comprehensive understanding of underwater structures like seawalls and docks, identifying potential erosion, cracks, or instability issues.
  • Underwater utility and pipeline inspections: Explore extensive underwater networks with ease, pinpointing leaks, blockages, or structural damage with ROV cameras and sensors.

Beyond the Usual, Expanding Service Horizons:

  • Archaeological surveys and underwater filming: Capture stunning visuals and valuable data for historical research, documentaries, or underwater exploration projects.
  • Environmental monitoring and sampling: Conduct accurate underwater environmental assessments, collecting water samples, and monitoring marine life populations.
  • Search and recovery operations: Locate lost equipment, sunken vessels, or valuable objects with ROV precision and efficiency.
  • Habitat restoration and underwater construction: Assist in marine habitat restoration projects or perform underwater construction tasks with ROV dexterity and control.

Unmatched Advantages of ROV Technology:

  • Access to deeper and more hazardous environments: Reach depths beyond the limits of safe diving, and explore areas with murky visibility or strong currents without risk to human life.
  • Enhanced precision and detail: Capture high-resolution footage and data, providing detailed insights and facilitating accurate assessments.
  • Cost-effective and efficient: Minimize downtime and manpower requirements compared to traditional diving methods, optimizing your project budget.
  • Safety at the forefront: Protect your valuable assets and human personnel by conducting inspections and operations remotely.

Experience the ROV Difference:

LTD&E is committed to providing you with the most advanced and comprehensive underwater services. By combining our experienced divers with cutting-edge ROV technology, we offer an unparalleled level of expertise and efficiency.

Contact us today to discuss how our ROV services can enhance your existing projects and unlock new possibilities for your underwater needs.