Dive Deeper, Relax Easier: LTDE's In-Water Vessel Inspection Program ⚓️

Don't let underwater unknowns cast a shadow on your Lake Tahoe fun! Our In-Water Vessel Inspection Program provides a comprehensive underwater assessment, giving you the peace of mind you deserve while enjoying the lake.

Program Highlights:

Detailed Inspections: Experienced divers meticulously examine your hull, propeller, running gear, and underwater components.

Early Detection: Identify potential issues before they become costly repairs, ensuring trouble-free boating.

Expert Analysis: Receive a comprehensive report highlighting any findings and suggesting appropriate repairs or maintenance.

    • Tailored Solutions: We customize inspections based on your vessel type, usage, and specific concerns.
    • Convenience & Flexibility: Schedule inspections at your dock for effortless underwater care.


Program Options:

    • Annual Inspection: Maintain peace of mind with a yearly assessment of your vessel's underwater health.
    • Pre-Season Check: Ensure your boat is ready for fun with a comprehensive inspection before hitting the water.
    • Post-Grounding Assessment: Get a complete picture of any damage after an unfortunate grounding incident.
    • Targeted Inspections: Focus on specific concerns like suspected hull damage or propeller issues.



    • Enhanced safety: Proactive inspections prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure safe, enjoyable boating.
    • Reduced repair costs: Early detection leads to timely repairs, saving you money in the long run.
    • Extended lifespan: Proper maintenance increases your vessel's longevity and resale value.
    • Increased enjoyment: Spend more time enjoying the lake and less worrying about hidden problems.
    • Informed decision-making: Our detailed reports empower you to make informed choices about repairs and maintenance.


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P.S. We understand every boat is unique. When you contact us, mention any specific concerns you have, and we can tailor a program to address them precisely.