One time Bottom Cleaning $10.00 Per Foot
Monthly Hull Cleaning ( 2024 Boating Season, aprox 3-5 Cleanings) priority scheduling Length Based
0 - 20 FT $8.00 Per Foot
21 - 30 FT $9.00 Per Foot
31 - 40 FT $10.00 Per Foot
40 FT + $11.00 Per Foot
Discounted group rates availble for multiple boats in a Mooring Field or HOA 10% off of normal prices
Diver with scrub brush cleaning a boat hull underwater.


Sparkle Season: In-Water Hull Cleaning Program for Lake Tahoe Boats ☀️

Ditch the back-breaking scrub and embrace hassle-free boating with LTDE's In-Water Hull Cleaning Program! Designed specifically for Lake Tahoe's pristine freshwater environment, our program tackles pesky slime and algae, keeping your boat looking sharp and performing at its best all season long.

Program Highlights:

    • Effortless Maintenance: Skip the scrubbing and harsh chemicals. Our in-water cleaning takes care of it all, while you relax on the shore.
    • Seamless Convenience: We come to your dock, saving you time and effort. Simply schedule your cleanings and enjoy sparkling results.
    • Fuel Efficiency Boost: A clean hull = less drag, meaning you burn less fuel and maximize your time on the water.
    • Peace of Mind: Our experienced divers inspect your hull for potential issues, ensuring early detection and preventing costly repairs.
    • Environmentally Friendly: We use biodegradable solutions, protecting the delicate ecosystem of Lake Tahoe.


Program Options:

    • Monthly Cleanings: Maintain a consistently smooth and shiny hull throughout the season.
    • Bi-Weekly Cleanings: Ideal for heavy boat usage or persistent growth.
    • Custom Scheduling: Tailor the program to your specific needs and boating frequency.



    • Reduced cleaning costs: Save money compared to individual cleanings.
    • Priority scheduling: Enjoy guaranteed spots throughout the busy season.
    • Extended hull life: Regular cleaning prevents damage and promotes longevity.
    • More time for fun: Spend your days enjoying the lake, not scrubbing the grime.