Vessel Services


Dive Deeper with Unmatched Boat & Vessel Services

Your boat or vessel is more than just a mode of transportation – it's your gateway to unforgettable adventures on the water. At LTD&E, we understand the importance of keeping your prized craft in peak condition, and that's where our specialized diving services come in. We dive deep to ensure your vessel performs flawlessly, stays safe, and shines brighter than ever.


Unleash the Power of Underwater Expertise:


    • Comprehensive Hull Inspections: Dive beneath the surface to identify potential damage, corrosion, or marine growth impacting your vessel's performance and fuel efficiency. Whether you're considering a pre-purchase survey or just want to ensure proper installation of repairs, our seasoned divers provide a clear picture of your hull's health.


    • Propeller & Shaft Savvy: Keep your vessel gliding smoothly with meticulous inspections of your propeller and shaft. We identify and fix damage, vibration, or misalignment for optimal performance and prevent costly breakdowns. Lost a prop or shaft? We'll retrieve and replace it with efficiency.


    • Anchor Ahoy!: Forget anchor anxiety. Our divers verify your anchor's security and holding power for worry-free mooring. Lost anchor? No problem, we'll locate and retrieve it, ensuring smooth sailing for everyone.


    • Securing Your Waterfront: Protect your investment with in-depth seawall and dock inspections. We identify structural weaknesses or potential erosion issues before they threaten your waterfront paradise.


Beyond the Basics, Dive into Specialization:


    • Clean Sweep: Keep your hull pristine and maximize fuel efficiency with our expert underwater cleaning services. We remove marine growth and algae, protecting both your vessel and the underwater ecosystem.


    • Metal Marvels: Need underwater repairs or modifications? Our skilled divers are equipped for, tackling damaged rudders, propellers, or other metal components without the hassle of dry docking.


    • Sunken Treasures: Lost something valuable in the depths? Let our experienced divers recover your precious assets with precision and care. From sunken vessels to lost equipment, we bring them back to the surface.


Peace of Mind, Always Onboard:


    • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT): Go beyond the surface with advanced techniques like ultrasonics or eddy current testing. We assess material integrity without causing damage, identifying hidden cracks, corrosion, or structural weaknesses for proactive maintenance.


    • Emergency Response Ready: Know you're covered with our prompt and professional underwater emergency response and rescue capabilities. We ensure the safety of your crew and vessel, offering peace of mind for every excursion.


Dive into a World of Possibilities:

Lake Tahoe Diving & Environmental LLC is your one-stop shop for comprehensive boat and vessel diving services. From routine maintenance to specialized solutions and emergency response, we're here to keep your vessel performing at its best, season after season. So, dive deeper with confidence and experience the unparalleled expertise that ensures your aquatic adventures are always smooth sailing.

Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how our diving services can elevate your life on the water.